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the term "integral"

written 8/1999

There is something that feels to me pretentious about using the term "integral". I don't try and live an integral life. I live and my integrality is a result of my integratedness and that is ever changing moment to moment, open to the silence and divine will in action in conjunction with the totality of all conditions.

I used to say marriage is not a goal; it is a result of the love and subsequent commitment two share. Integral is a result of the unity one feels with beingness as connected to the whole. I'm not knocking the maps for some but there is a point that the assumptions, preconceptions and fear of the unknown that fuel them can bar the recognition of a deeper truth and impetus.


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Blogger sunya lila said...

exactly, and very well put! and insofar as some standard of integrality, what measures, assesses and maps such things? and from what perspective? is it the comparitive, measuring, mind? can any pre-conceived formula or map be any more Intelligent than what this moment through Silence breathes?

... or is it the core understanding of integrality itself finding itself in time for the fullest realization of itself and its many diverse faces?

in that light, i also see that there is something so beautiful that any story or standard of integrality/wholeness/integratedness/integrity and an aspiration for its realization speaks to and from .... itself - and the innate perfection and creative will that moves towards manifesting itself in time - and the compassion through connection to all that attempts to map it for all.

but just like believing that we other than what we aspire towards takes us farther from the realization of our aspirations, thinking that the map is the territory also bars us from the experience of that which cannot but be the territory. but ironically the territory includes, if it is here, the map.


ahhh, this is the new language
where experience
as i, we, all;
self, soul, essence,
vibrates into expression
bridging time with eternity,
the dual with the nondual,
the one breathing the two
and then back into itself.
you see a map?
the traces of our footprints
traveled along mysteries' path;
a map to mystery
where what is known
is trust in now,
in our breath,
letting ourselves as kaleidoscope
be breathed into life;
letting ourselves as eternity
be breathed into time.
you see a map?
the future calling us
to where we have yet to travel
and yet have been all along...
we see then that too,
we have been letting
ourselves as time
breathe us into eternity.
you see a map?
the past calling us
to retrace our steps
again and again
with a new light,
a new awareness,
where past meets future
giving birth to now,
where now gives birth
to past and future;
to eternity
and the awareness of what
has always already been.

the map as a guide for some future as yet realized:
complicates simplicities
when written in time.

these words when viewed through time:
when viewed through eternity:
but where non-relative awareness
breathes into the relative
form embodies the formless and
time and materiality
take on a new substance.


the map is my heart as it becomes ours,
the map is our heart as it becomes mine.
the map is love reaching for itself through
myriad appearances.
the map is your soul's song quickening my breath,
the map is my soul's song expanding my heart.
the map is your presence beckoning me towards you,
the map is your absence moving me away.
the map is form communing with formless
the map is black and white inspiring us towards gray.
the map is gray inspiring us towards black and white.
the map is my heart beat as it entrains with others'
the maps are our heart beats as they find their own rhythms
the map is your "footprints showing me where beauty has passed."
the map is unity embracing diversity.
the map is our joy leading us to where we are...

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Blogger sunya lila said...

As to the Divine purpose of forms (maps and formulas) - perhaps they are a symbolic representation of the minds organizational abilities: a tool for the mind - or an affirmation in Self-mistrust which will illuminate through its drama in time greater Self-trust. We leave our signature with our every breath, trace lines and track connections with our every movement; the Consciousness breathes us and we, thinking that we're separate, try to breathe it. Forms are like the me that needs be let go of before something new can be born. I feel I'm between two worlds experiencing a taste of each; the relative world that can see the creative use of forms; and where the descending consciousness has married both "form" and formlessness in a dance that need not re member itself, need not come together, as it is already has, as One.

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Blogger sunya lila said...


states come and go;
silence, unity consciousness, nondual awareness.
to whom do they come and go?
inquire there and find no one.
and/or find all.
and/or find all that arises inbetween in this life,
this emotional, phenomenal, situational life.
realizations come and go.
to whom do they come and go?
to whom does nondual awareness arise?
know that and one lives in the constant awareness of This...
no matter whether it is nothing,
or the something that feels like a state or situation -
be it bliss or blah,
christ consciousness or cacaphony
suffering or satchidananda.

then, who is judging or measuring the realized and the unrealized? who is separating spirit and matter, life and death, the nondual from the dual, yourself or God from anything else? steeped in and as life, what do these words mean? paradoxes resolve and language appears full of oxymorons.

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Blogger nothingmissing said...

Beautiful and poignant writings. Very special.

Maps are, of course, symbolic representations. They guide exploration of geographic or conceptual territories.

In reading your post, I notice how the light and dark on the screen map pixels that map symbols that map letters that map words that map sentences that map concepts and ideas that map representations of geographic or conceptual territories that map our relative experience of reality.

And all of the visual components of your writings are apprehended where? Inversely projected - mapped - onto the retina and translated – mapped – into electrical signals that are “seen” – mapped – in the dark regions of the brain and cognized – mapped – in consciousness. Somehow.

Perhaps, unity is mapped in multiplicity, infinity is mapped in time and the formless is mapped in form.

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Blogger sunya lila said...

yes, beautiful!

the map is wherever we look to find it. if it is how we translate understanding and cognition it is within everything. it is a blueprint of truth hidden (or exposed) within every illusion. it is this moment perceived as it informs the next or what happens when we look backwards and create a guide from what we find. it is the music as it inspires our movement. it is your call inspiring my response. it is this love as it breathes life ....

love and namaste,


12:22 AM  

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