Saturday, April 15, 2006

Integral Communication

Someone at a Ken Wilber Forum invited ideas about what integral communication is and this is what came:

Integral Communication is:

-Honest communication and honest communication starts with an honesty with ourselves.

- Listening - and listening starts with listening very closely to ourselves including to what in us needs to contract, resist or defend.

- "Being present"; and that too starts with seeing ourselves and beyond ourselves.

- The ability to see beyond and including self is to see the interconnectedness of all and to see self, other and all as nottwo. It is to feel identity and yet not attach to it. It is to know Self as formlessness/emptiness/nothingness and recognize the pain of separation, resistance and ego for what they are when they arise. It is to trust in the unknown and it is to essentially and deeply know self and other as one.

- Seeing and honoring AQAL (a Wilberian reference meaning "all quadrants, all levels").

-Integral Communication is world-centric and not self-centric and is informed by an interest in the greatest good for all.

-A key to being able to embrace AQAL without solely deferring to it mentally and unconsciously disconnecting from what might not be emotionally integrated is the divinely intelligent and all embracing heart. The heart is what connects the one to its many faces in relationship without forgetting its essential unity and oneness with all. The heart as it breathes through life is a living tantra, weaving its nondual suchness through relationship with all. The awareness of the heart can hold two sides of a conflict and see the truth within both. It is one with all and therefore unifying. Communicating through the heart is integrative and a channel and pathway of and to transcendent mind. The heart's medium is one of love, acceptance and allowance. It is a medium of sensitivity that meets self and other in and as the heart of its most tender heart. It is a medium of humility that knows that there is "a beyond" and does not need to defend itself. It does not argue with what is. Its sword of truth is a sword that cuts in one.

-Integral Communication starts with the willingness to not know and an ability to surrender to the Silence; an ability to let go of preconceptions enough to really hear what the other is saying and the divine inspiration coming through self, other all that is transcendent of assumptions and mental knowings.

-Integral Communication is responsible communication which has to do with taking responsibility for the way we in which we perceive reality and recognizing that how we feel or interpret something is a creative act of our own choosing.

-Integral Communication is having a mastery with Manjushri's sword and being able to "turn around" our projections and see how they apply to ourselves or how the opposite of what they are might also be true.

-Responsible communication is healing in that it makes amends when called for.

-Integral communication is integrative in that what it voices is seen, understood and made real by its voicing and at levels hitherto unseen before the event of its arising.

-Integral communication is cocreative and mutually emergent, seen and understood. It is dynamic, synthetic, radial and experienced as perfect reciprocity. (there is much more here to discuss)

-Antecedent to integral communication is being willing to question all of our thoughts and beliefs and inquire into what we might consider the most cherished of them.

-Integral communication is fluid, process oriented, authentic communication yet responsibly communicated.

-Integral communication is communication that seeks to meet rather than compete.

-Integral communication is communication that comes from a will (of truth) towards the realization of truth. ~~~

when this thread started i was on a different wave-length with this - i think it was more into seeing what is 'always already' integral and acting in the world - and without needing conditions and prerequisites except to see what might be veiled. anyway, this is a beginning that poured out after i said i wanted to take a long siesta from the internet. it is incomplete and has not yet been associated with integral communication for our message board medium. i am sure i can keep going with it but if i do, i might morph into my emachine and give more meaning to its "e". ;-)

love and namaste,



Blogger Akash said...

Precious Ellen,


Please accept this message with all my love.
I apologise for not responding sooner, I've only just read your comment on my blog.

There is so much that I want to say to you...but I find myself speechless.

Thank you for... this... Duet Of One.


(It would be a blessing to keep in touch with you, here is my e-mail:

1:17 PM  
Blogger Akash said...

Brilliant and it shines with such luminous splendour!

I've just spent my weekend listening to Ken Wilbers-Kosmic Consiousness-all 10 cd's!

Honesty-Perhaps what that means is:

'i' dont know

Don't think that would work on the forum though :-)


1:26 PM  
Blogger sunya lila said...

Dearest Akash,

I just recommended Kosmic Consciousness to "Jim" at the forum a couple of days ago. I very much enjoyed it and getting to feel Ken's personality and humanness through it.

"Honesty-Perhaps what that means is:

'i' dont know"

Yes!! That is so true and more could be said about that in this piece.

I bring up "I don't know" at the forum in the context of my ignorance and in the context of moving from that space of the unknown or mystery ... and you are right - sometimes That does not recognize itself and for the most part there tends to be a default towards mental preconceptions, knowings and maps.

I am so glad that you have come to play and add your light.

Love and Namaste,


3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

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